Executive Director – Laura Holmstrom

“This job is my passion, and I enjoy working with residents and their families. Every day finds a new friendship and a new challenge.”

Director of Nursing – Tammy Wright

“In this position, I am able to contribute to the home like environment. I enjoy getting to know all the residents and their families, making the quality of life for our residents the best it can be, and creating a team of employees that enjoy coming to work.”

Business Office Manager – Deborah Venema

“I enjoy helping residents and their families during this stage of life. I strive to make a difference in each person’s life every day.”

Admissions – Leslie Roanhouse

“Making the decision to enter long term care and choosing a center can be difficult. I enjoy working with families and helping them and making the decision a little easier.”

Director of Rehabilitation – Brittany Intyre

“I love interacting with the residents and their families. I also love increasing the resident’s independence with a holistic patient centered approach. I just love therapy and helping people feel good.”